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5 Common Areas for Finding A Leak In Your House

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Water Leak Detection in Tampa, FL

Water leaks in your home or office can cause considerable damage to your flooring, walls, and framework. In addition to weakening your home’s structure, water can also create mold and algae growth with creates an unhealthy environment in any room. There are key areas throughout both the inside and outside of your house that you can inspect in order to determine where and to what extent the water leak is occurring. When a leak happens in your home the key is to take quick action and call a professional Tampa plumber at 1st Choice Plumbing Solutions to fix the problem and restore your home.

Hot Water Tanks

Water heaters are generally located in areas that are not clearly visible. So when they start leaking you may not know it until there’s water everywhere. Pressure Relief Valve can be inspected and will often give a good indication of a leak somewhere inside the tank or underneath. One thing you can do is listen for a hissing sound. This will indicate that a leak may be present. Check behind the tank and look for leaks around all pipes and connections.


There are multiple issues that can go wrong with toilets. The most obvious is clogged pipes which can cause overflowing. Pipes can be clogged by items such as roots that penetrate the pipes and not only cause leaks but major blockage at the same time. If you notice water coming out of the bottom of the toilet then it’s a clear sign that the seal has been damaged or loosened from the bowl. Leaks can also occur underneath the main tank either through cracks or loose connections. If your toilet is leaking, simply shut off the water line near the toilet, which will immediately cut off the water supply.

Water Main Valve

One of the signs that your meter line is leaking is that the water pressure has drastically decreased. You may also want to observe the area around your main water valve or line which is usually located out in the yard. If you notice that the ground is soak with water or moist when there’s no reason for it to be, then a leak is probably present. In most cases the main water line is protected by a lid that is barely above ground. Once you remove the lid you’ll notice the main cutoff valve. If you have little to no experience with the water main, then it’s best to call a professional plumber right away to help you with leak detection service in Tampa as you could damage the main line by digging around.

Plumbing Under The House

The entire plumbing system is a complicated network of pipes running throughout your house and property. So finding a leak can sometimes be a challenge. If you’re able to get underneath the house or check in your basement then you may find a leak in your pipes. Most leaks are caused by damaged pipes or loose connections. Before you go underneath the house, turn on the water from all the faucets and then inspect each pipe coming from the house. For obvious leaks, you should see a steady stream of water or drips or even a puddle of water. If there’s a small leak you may not water running along the pipes.

Check All Fixtures

Leaks are fairly common for faucets, knobs, and all plumbing in the immediate area such as underneath the sinks or in the cabinets beneath the fixtures. Your faucets endure daily use from every member of your family; so even the most well designed or installed faucets and fixtures may need tightening or parts replaced from time to time. Although faucets look simple, they are often made up of several small components which break down.

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