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Tampa Plumbing Repairs: Leaking Faucets

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Leaking Faucets Tampa

A faucet could be dripping for any number of reasons. There may be corrosion, defective gaskets, or mineral deposits in the internal parts of the faucet. If you ignore the problem, a simple repair can very quickly turn into a large and expensive plumbing replacement.

So it’s very important that you take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Fortunately, most simple faucet repairs don’t need to be handled by a Tampa plumbing repair specialist if they’re caught quickly enough. However, if you can’t solve the problem on your own or experience trouble during the repair, our professionals can take care of it quickly and accurately.

The facts About Plumbing Leaks

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaky faucets can lead to 10,000 gallons of water per household being wasted each year. The most common leakage problems are dripping faucets, leaks in toilet flappers, and leaking valves. But dripping faucets are the most prominent of those. The EPA says that fixing your leaking faucets can save you around 10% of your average water bill.

Dripping faucets waste a significant amount of water. So they have a fairly large impact on the environment. But ignoring the need for faucet repair will only mean you spend more money on water bills and the resulting extensive damages a leak can cause to your home.

Why Faucets Leak

Your faucet could be dripping for a number of different reasons. Below we’ll discuss a few of the more common causes.

1. Loose Parts — Because your faucet is almost continuously, it’s not uncommon for a few of the inner-workings to come loose over time. There are a lot of moving parts within your faucet, and if they’re loose, they can cause leakage at the at the handle of the faucet. You’ll need to either tighten the parts of your faucet that are loose or have them replaced by your Tampa plumber.

2. Worn-Out Seals — Disc faucets have inlet and outlet seals that are necessary to the way they function. The seals can become worn over time with constant use and sediment build-up in the assembly. This could be the cause of your leaking faucet. Our Tampa plumbing repair specialists can clean the water sediments regularly to make sure your faucet is functioning properly. You also may need to replace your seals to ensure the proper functioning of your faucet.

3. Broken Plumbing — This is less common, but your faucet could be leaking because of a broken pipe or fitting. Pipes can fracture or become loose at connections and this can often alter the water pressure of your plumbing system. If you’ve tried a lot of solutions on your own, you may need to contact a Tampa plumbing professional for an evaluation of your entire system and pipes.

4. Corrosion In The Water Heater TankWater heater tanks only last so long but the lifespan is even shorter when there are hard water sediments involved. Rust and corrosion are caused by sediment buildup within the entire plumbing system, all made worse by its accumulation within the tank. Have your drain and sewer lines cleaned, get a whole-home water softener installed, and get the tank flushed out to prevent leaks throughout the plumbing system.

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